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Create new monetization and service streams by adding our Shuken node technology and services to your product offering

  • White Labeling
  • Dedicated On-Premise Enterprise Grade Infrastructure (BTCPay Server with Lightning Support & Bitcoin Nodes)
  • Shuken API 
  • Shuken Studio (analytics)
  • Counter Chain Analysis and Indexing solutions for Merchants and Enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions to get you started.

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BTCPay Server is an open source payment processor, enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin payments with no middleman or transaction fees. Payments go directly to the wallet you want. It has many types of integrations for your eccommerce, from API, to woocommerce, shopify, etc.

With our Shuken Enterprise BTCPAY Hosting you will enjoy the power of experience BTC and Lightning payments even with your own domain (DNS)


We will never have access to your BTCPAY details, nor the funds of course, as we simply offer you and enterprise grade infrastructure where you can run this payment processing software. For more details on the power of BTCPAY (integrations, settings, etc), please visit



Please remember that we have no control/access over what you do inside your BTCPAY server, if you did not configure your email server settings during the setup of your BTCPAY server account, you will not be able to receive the “forgotten password” email to reset your access. 


Only Enterprise offering may have full ssh rights over the instance where we will deploy your Shuken Node/Services contracted if customers require so.

Our nodes run Bitcoin only Tech stack* which benefits from Shuken Sync, our Indexer, some integrations and more. 


Gone are the days where Bitcoin miners are the only ones with real incentives to run nodes. One of the incentives is that our Indexer tech enables those running it new possible monetization routes and or data models to leverage on. 

Another one could be that those self hosting our tech, might have key benefits to use our cloud offering solutions.


All and all, we are enabling and empowering the Bitcoin era, one node and service at a time.


*Our commitment towards decentralization is as strong as ever, and please note that we deploy the unchanged version of Bitcoin Core and create value layers and services on top. We will never touch and or run any version 0f Bitcoin client that is against the core values of BTC, but if you want a particular client and or version of Bitcoin core that you prefer, we can always try to accomodate that, as long as it is a BTC only client.

The Shuken Explorer leverages on our own Indexer which is a distributed search engine that runs advanced & unique queries over the Bitcoin data. You can fetch data directly from your node to run queries and advanced analytics. 

Our tech allows new endless possibilities and data models that surely consumers will want (scoring, alerts, etc), as well as other key integrations.


Our Explorer is already used by top Bitcoin privacy experts who have already seen the power of some of the queries that can be done. 

We have different versions of our Shuken Explorer in our nodes.  but this is just one of the components of our Analytical tools,  as we have others like Shuken Studio, which has a built in SQL model over the Bitcoin Blockchain data model.  


We strongly believe that people need to be empowered to have the right tools themselves so they are not just at the mercy of chain analysis “science”. Our Indexer/Explorer tools are the foundation of what we call counter chain analysis, which will not only help users understand better their Bitcoin UTXOS, but a bigger movement to decentralize the exisiting “science” of these companies that unfortunately tend to treat everyone UTXO and user as a suspect unless proven otherwise.

Yes, our Shuken API will allow you to offer your customers our node offering solutions with a simple integration.