Our flexible SaaS (Sovereignty as a Service) solution can suit

every kind of user in the Bitcoin era

For privacy-conscious bitcoin users, freely use or learn how to use Bitcoin nodes. Acquire the knowledge and proficiency necessary to navigate and utilize a node effectively as it plays an essential role in preserving your personal sovereignty

Why We Need More Builders


Less Talk, Build More

Since it first started running in January 2009, Bitcoin has revolutionized the way we think about decentralization, offering a world of possibilities for new business models and freedom technology. However, it feels like we have only just begun to explore its full potential… 

While evangelizing is crucial for mass adoption, it is equally vital to prioritize action over empty rhetoric, and not just build adoption at the cost of sovereignty…


Invest in the sovereign future you want

Enterprise & Bundles

For those who either want a top enterprise grade service or simply wants to leverage on the power of Bitcoin without having to manage it at all
  • Dedicated On-Premise Enterprise grade infrastructure
  • Premium Support

    BTCPAY with LN Support
  • Bespoke Service to meet your needs

    Shuken API

    Shuken Studio


No logs
Fast and reliable node on-demand
  • Full node Bitcoin Core (Mainnet & Testnet)
  • Basic Shuken Explorer (Mainnet & Testnet)

    Xpub Analyzer (100% anonymous/no logs)
  • SSL Clearnet Access

    RPC & Fulcrum Wallet Connect

    Running on Limited Time


Your Pro node
  • Full node Bitcoin Core (Mainnet & Testnet)

    Basic Shuken Explorer (Mainnet & Testnet)

    Xpub Analyzer (100% anonymous/no logs)

    SSL Clearnet & Onion address

    RPC & Fulcrum Wallet Connect

    Running 24/7


BTCPAY + Node Bundle
Your Pro bundle
Process BTC Payments & Be a Pro Bitcoiner
  • BTCPAY Server (Lightning Enabled)

    Full node Bitcoin Core (Mainnet & Testnet)

    Basic Shuken Explorer (Mainnet & Testnet)

    Xpub Analyzer (100% anonymous/no logs)

    Dedicated Instance / IP (SSL Clearnet & Onion)

    Ride the Lightning (for your LN node)

    RPC & Fulcrum Wallet Connect

    Running 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions to get you started.

If you don’t find your question on this page, please send us a message via our Contact page

Yes, we are working on it. It is in our DNA to help people to have the best usage and access to the Bitcoin network. We want to empower users to run their own nodes in their own hardware, knowing that if they find it hard, we will be there when they need it. Stay tuned as we continue announcing our open source plans and offerings.

As a Bitcoin only company we only accept BTC (On-Chain and Lightning). We might add others in the future, but our standard is and will be Bitcoin.

For our cloud offering, you can go to our Node Selection page at and choose what services you want there. Self-hosted Shuken nodes will have different alternatives to access to paid services, but all will be fully decentralised from the node dashboard itself, rather than the cloud offering that will be via our 

BTCPay Server is an open source payment processor, enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin payments with no middleman or transaction fees. Payments go directly to the wallet you want. It has many types of integrations for your eccommerce, from API, to woocommerce, shopify, etc.

With Shuken BTCPAY Hosting you will enjoy the power of experience BTC and Lightning payments even with your own domain (DNS)

For more details on the power of BTCPAY (integrations, settings, etc), please visit


As part as our no logs and privacy by design framework, we do not have access to any of the information in your node neither personal information like ip addresses, etc. At time of creation, while provisioning the nodes, our automated node manager has temporary ssh access to nodes to install the services from scratch (we don’t use snapshots). The access is disabled once the node is fully online and synced, ready to be used by our customers. Shuken nodes are part of our decentralized Shuken network, where the only rights we have is to make sure it is online but have zero visibility into what customers do with their nodes. In fact, operations on the BTCPay service (like changing the custom domain or restarting the node) are done directly from the Shuken Dashboard node interface.

Only Enterprise offering may have full ssh rights over the instance where we will deploy your Shuken Node/Services contracted if customers require so.

For more FAQ please visit our HUB