Why We Need More Builders

December 10, 2023

Less Talk, Build More

Since it first started running in January 2009, Bitcoin has revolutionized the way we think about decentralization, offering a world of possibilities for new business models and freedom technology. However, it feels like we have only just begun to explore its full potential.

To truly develop the Bitcoin ecosystem, we must shift our focus from mere discussions to tangible actions.  Since early 2022 we have been working hard building Shuken amidst challenging market conditions. We believe that bear markets can actually benefit bitcoin by weeding out “project founders” looking for quick profits without contributing anything substantial to the community other than noise.

Although it is important to spread awareness and attract new adopters, we have noticed that much of the industry’s efforts are directed towards preaching to the converted. The same faces and voices dominate every gathering, leaving little room for fresh perspectives and ideas. 

While evangelizing is crucial for mass adoption, it is equally vital to prioritize action over empty rhetoric, and not just build adoption at the cost of sovereignty

When talk outweighs action within a majority, we inadvertently create more barriers for progress. We foster a culture of complacency that stifles innovation. To drive significant shifts within Bitcoin and achieve meaningful growth, we need to have big, deep, difficult conversations. We need collaboration, and collaboration requires productive conversations and commitment.

Collaboration becomes essential in this process, but it can only flourish when conversations are productive and conducted with integrity and trust. Without these fundamental elements in place, advancing the cause of Bitcoin becomes an uphill battle.

At Shuken, we remain committed to building a future where Bitcoin thrives through purposeful action backed by character and trust. Let us come together as a community to turn our collective vision into reality.

Therefore, we have made the strategic decision to release Shuken’s technology as open source. This enables the Bitcoin community to thoroughly study, enhance, and create, thereby strengthening trust in the software and ensuring its stability and dependability. By embracing this approach, our technology can progress swiftly, offering end-users greater freedom in terms of functionality, flexibility, and control.

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Why We Need More Builders

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