Product Updates post-launch! Are you ready for the Noderunner revolution?

June 2, 2023

A few weeks ago we officially launched our product, after months in the making and testing with a closed community of industry experts.

There were no bells and whistles of what we launched, so we have now decided to make it more clear for everyone who has not yet used and or enjoyed our products and services, with the following highlights:

Community Node 

  • Our free community node service offering is already being used mostly by some probably newbies in the noderunning space who enjoy our no logs policy and simplicity to get started having their own node
  • Unlike other public nodes where you do not know who is using it and what they are logging into it, with Shuken you no longer have to worry about exposing your Xpub to a third party and any other sensitive information that others gather for such services
  • Some of them have already converted to our professional nodes (BTCPAY Node Bundle) and provided great feedback that we have already taken into account for future product updates.

Shuken Explorer/Indexer

  • It has been exciting to have some conversations with some users who, after using it,  thought exactly the same thing as we did when we first built it: When are Bitcoin wallets going to implement the “Shuken Indexing solution”?
  • We know we still got to fix a few things there, but we are working hard in the background to enable a bigger offering for all audiences (Consumers and Enterprises)

BTCPay Node Bundle 

  • Customizing your own URL into your BTCPay Server has never been easier. This enables several use cases, such as the option to create different ecommerce checkout invoices with their own URL. It is very easy, as UX/UI it is embedded into our DNA to make Bitcoin easier for everyone.  We have a quick video tutorial on our Hub page
  • Support form from your Shuken Console for a dedicated customer service being built in your personal Shuken Console
  • Shuken Terminal is completing its beta phase and will soon be available to every professional noderunner to  have bash access through a web terminal interface to perform basic routine maintenance operations

No logs and Privacy by design updates

Our CTO will very soon be recording a quick but very important interview where he will cover key aspects of how we are building true to our values (No logs and Sovereignty). Technical users and those who have no trust in third parties, will surely enjoy it too!

Open Source Updates

We are working hard to not only continue offering the best possible offering in our cloud SaaS (Sovereignty as as Service), but to also launch soon our node software fully open source and ready to be used by those noderunners who prefer to enjoy the benefits of the Shuken Network in their own Infrastructure (hardware devices)

Shuken Network

Who said that Bitcoin miners can be the only ones to have true incentives to run nodes?

All our cloud node offerings already leverage our fully decentralized technology the Shuken Indexer/Explorer. This is the first use case of the Shuken network, which will have bigger rewards for those also wanting to run our tech in their one hardware device.

We have great plans for the Shuken Network, and can already announce that those noderunners that will run our open source node´s tech in their own devices, will have unique benefits for our cloud SaaS offering. 

Shuken HUB launch

We have just released into our main company website, our first version of the Shuken HUB page, which aims to be a place where our users can find top information, from tutorials, to educational content, FAQs, etc

We will be adding more info into the HUB as we continue growing our company, like technical documentation (Shuken API). Come and join us there and help us build the place where you want to be!

We continue working hard so stay tuned and follow us in our Shuken journey to Sovereignty!

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Product Updates post-launch! Are you ready for the Noderunner revolution?

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