Shuken 2024 updates and Bitcoin node running historical context

April 16, 2024

While many are now waiting for the halving in a few days, we have been focused more than ever on our mission of making NNGU (node number go up) a reality with greater conviction.

Below are some of the main things we have been working on and some which we have planned for 2024:

  • Successful launch of our Open Source Strategy by making our first public repository under MIT license. This enables node runners to self-host our node technology and use our node dashboard interface and leverage our services. We are fully aware that there is still a lot to do and improve in this area, and more tutorials, repos, etc will be added as we move along, but please feel free to come and join the node revolution with us!

  • Brand refresh to accommodate our Enterprise solution focus for 2024 without compromising our values and commitment towards node runners at consumer level.

  • Node Infrastructure changes and monitoring upgrades to accommodate our Enterprise focus. 

  • Use of our Shuken Explorer without having to run a node. Will be available in our Shuken console in our next release.

  • Working with nation-states and big groups to push our contribution there too towards hyperbitcoinization

One final note about  why we are shifting focus to Enterprise? Scale, number of users and maximum impact. We truly believe that those individual Bitcoiners who are still trapped in a ‘NGU mindset’ have a while to go in their private noderunning journey, so by enabling the Enterprise layer to better access to scalable sovereign node running tools on behalf of their users we believe we can get the most new nodes up and running.

To understand why we do believe so, we will be sharing a bit of context around the ecommerce/payments history: Paypal is to Payments what Node Tech  will be to the Bitcoin revolution.

In ecommerce, consumers, mostly in high risk industries, demand for more specialized payment options, but it is only when merchants adopt and embrace them, that mass adoption and growth really happen. 

We expect the same thing here, with the addition that being Bitcoin of open source nature, once node running becomes the big thing, the wars between Enterprise and Consumer level noderunning solutions will be an even bigger market to what Payments and PSPs were for the Fintech era. 

Lastly, beyond the Paypal and wallet wars example, we can see the node wars are also similar to what the mobile phone market was. From Nokia as a mainly hardware, to Symbian OS, iOS, Android… to Graphene OS, etc.  More and more node runners, both at Enterprise and Consumer level, will demand different levels of implementation of their Bitcoin client at node level so it can be paired to their wallet of choice. Exciting times indeed!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards the real Bitcoinization, which is no other than having better and more roads (infra and services) as opposed to the “when moon” NGU approach.

Be Shuken. Be Sovereign!

Bitcoining is not crime, but a human fight: Control your coins before they do!

Shuken 2024 updates and Bitcoin node running historical context

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