Why Bare Metal and Cloud is a better mix than cloud only architecture?

July 2, 2023

Understanding the depth of technology isn’t always about chasing the new. It’s about comprehending the bare bones of what makes our digital world tick, and that’s where Shuken SaaS comes into play. It’s a masterful blend of Bare metal where critical components and services are isolated and cloud technology, embodying a security by design approach, not just at the architecture level, but at the provider level too.

Let’s briefly start with a fundamental question: What is bare metal?

Bare metal is the bedrock of the digital world. It represents the purest form of server, unadulterated by virtualization software. It’s about physical servers, wholly dedicated to a single tenant, not shared among multiple users. This raw power and control allows for high performance, making bare metal ideal for data-intensive workloads and other high-traffic use cases​.

In the heart of Shuken SaaS, we harness the power of bare metal. But we don’t stop there. We blend it with the versatility of the cloud to create a network that offers you the best of both worlds. It is this intricate architecture that ensures that you have control and customization options at your fingertips​​, depending on what product you purchase.

One of the biggest advantages of this setup is the elimination of the ‘noisy neighbor’ effect. Since you’re not sharing resources with other users, your operations will never be slowed down by another user’s high-traffic hours. Shuken SaaS gives you the dedicated resources you need, ensuring a high level of uptime and performance​​. We also make sure that the critical parts of your sovereignty are never shared, and for Enterprise customers they always have the option to have a Bare Metal only setup which most customers normally do prefer for their bespoke needs.

However, it’s not just about performance and security. Shuken SaaS is designed with a privacy-by-design approach. This means that from the ground up, every aspect of our service is built with your privacy in mind. We do this by ensuring that you have complete control over the hardware you use, making sure that it’s not just about how fast your operations can run, but also how secure they are​1​.

But what about the cost? Yes, bare metal servers can be more expensive than shared virtual servers. However, with Shuken SaaS, we’ve worked to bring you the power of bare metal and the flexibility of the cloud at a cost that respects your budget. It’s about bringing you high-performance computing without breaking the bank​​.

Another key aspect of our architecture, is that while designing it, we decided to also make it available for those companies that may want to whitelabel it, as we strongly believe that the more companies there are helping customers running their own node, the better it is to continue making Bitcoin even more resilient.

In conclusion, Shuken SaaS is about redefining what it means to use bare metal and cloud technology. It’s about combining power, flexibility, privacy, and cost-effectiveness into one seamless package. With Shuken SaaS, we’re not just building a service. We’re shaping the future of digital infrastructure where privacy and security is at the center of what we do.

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Why Bare Metal and Cloud is a better mix than cloud only architecture?

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